Steve Goldstein: Who Were the Big Advertisers During Tom Brady’s First Super Bowl?

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Just a reminder that little stays the same (other than Tom Brady, apparently). Brady won his first Super Bowl in 2002. The iPod was just a year old, George W. Bush was President and Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone topped the box office. U2 played halftime (sorry, Mr. Weeknd).

Some of the advertisers that dominated the Super Bowl ads in 2002 blew me away. According to Bloomberg News anchor Jon Erlichman, among them were:



Radio Shack

Circuit City





Gateway Computers

That’s some list, and a good reminder that while some brands endure, many more perish because they fail to stay in sync with customers. Hello Blockbuster.

What does this have to do with podcasting?

Not much, except shows, much like brands, need to stay on top of the needs and desires of their audience and be aware of competitive content. Great brands and shows iterate to stay relevant.

Interestingly, two years before Brady’s first Super Bowl, the New England Patriots introduced PFW in Progress on, an audio show some consider a precursor to the podcast form we know today. The show still exists as Patriots Unfiltered on all podcast platforms.

This morning, many people will get their “take” about the game from any number of terrific podcasts, all of them readily available at a time of their choosing.

Now that’s progress.

Thanks to Steve Seidmon for the inspiration for this post

Steve Goldstein