Spotify’s Year in Music shares numbers from a busy 2014

Spotify Year in Music 2014Spotify can always be counted on for a data-centric approach to music, and its year-in-review is no exception. Released today, the Year in Music site shared key milestones and top music from 2014. Ed Sheeran was the top-streamed male artist, and Katy Perry was the top female artist. Coldplay ranked as the group with the most streams. “Happy” by Pharell Williams was the song to secure the most plays.

The data also revealed interesting trends related to dates throughout the year. For instance, after Germany upset the Brazilian soccer team in the World Cup final, Spotify observed an hours-long drop in listening levels across Brazil. Meanwhile, for no particular reason (other than presumably the nice weather), May 30 was the day with the most happy music played. Oct. 10 clocked in as the date with the loudest music.

Finally, Spotify shared a little insight about its popular playlists and revealed the top tracks for different regions. The site is a beautifully presented data dive into a busy year for the streaming platform.

Anna Washenko