Spotify Wrapped 2023 launches, aspiring to an “unforgettable experience”

We have noted over several years a crescendo of anticipation for Spotify’s annual reckoning, Spotify Wrapped. It has become a cultural touchpoint.

Wrapped is both an individualized personal account of listening patterns for millions of users, and a global summary of trends and “top of” lists.

The 2023 edition is unleashed, and it is HERE.

Spotify calls this year’s edition “the biggest Wrapped we’ve ever created.” Spotify wrapped was launched today in 170 markets and over 35 languages. The goal is to “unite all of our offerings in one unforgettable experience.”

An episode of theĀ For The Record podcast tells an in-depth story about this year’s edition of Wrapped, HERE. (Spotify web-app link.)

A few new experiences are present this year. One that’s getting attention is called Sound Town, which highlights the city which has a similar taste profile as each individual user.

Legacy features include:

  • 2023 Top Lists and Trends
  • Wrapped Mapped
  • Me in 2023

For teasers, we provide the annual list of top 10 artists, and the list of top 25 (!) podcasts. No explanation for why podcasts get more exposure.



Brad Hill