RAIN Notes: Friday, December 1

Jottings of note:



Erica Farber, who has led the Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB) as CEO is stepping down after a 12-year tenure. Mike Hulvay, CEO of Neuhoff Media and member of the RAB board, takes over the leadership chair. This change will happen on April 1 of next year. “It’s a privilege to follow an amazing leader such as Erica Farber,” Hulvey stated. Read the formal announcement HERE.


Turned Off

In the rumor department, we learn that Spotify might offer subscribers an option to turn off the algorithmic recommendations that guide users to playlists and artists. This piece of gossip comes from an examination of code (not by us) in a beta version of the Spotify app. READ


Enough Is Enough

Frequency capping is the topic of a new edition of The Podcasting Playbook, produced and hosted by Heather Osgood, founder of the Podcast Advertising agency. Frequency capping is the ability to define the maximum number of times an ad can be delivered to a listener within a given time period — and it is new enough to require explanation. Heather’s guest is computer engineer and audio ad expert Anthony Firn, Listen HERE.


December 1, 2023

Brad Hill