Spotify signs Kim Kardashian West to produce new exclusive podcast

The Wall Street Journal scooped that Spotify has signed Kim Kardashian West to create and host a new podcast about criminal justice.

Details are scarce. We don’t have details about the deal, or the show. The significance is that Spotify is continuing to invest in podcasting, and clearly interested in building a portfolio of original shows. The company recently signed Joe Rogan to an exclusive arrangement in which The Joe Rogan Experience will become a Spotify exclusive starting in the fall.

The Kardashian deal certainly is not as blockbuster as the Rogan deal. While she is a well known public figure, and her podcast will no doubt generate interest and listens, the venture is starting from scratch and success is unquantified. The Rogan arrangement, by contrast, is more like an acquisition — The show has been in production for over 10 years, and is widely estimated to be the most popular and richest podcast in the world.

The Verge reports that the Kardashian show will be produced under the Spotify-owned Parcast production brand.

Brad Hill

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