Spotify shares podcast stats and advertising examples

Spotify released a blog post with some statistics about its redoubled efforts in podcasting. The company said that its monthly audience of podcast listeners grew 175% internationally over the past year.

Spotify found that 60% of its listeners tuning in to podcasts to educate themselves. Two out of three podcast listeners say the show gets their full attention. One in three said they appreciate that podcasts don’t require a screen, which offers a different way of absorbing information. Not needing to look at a screen also makes podcasts especially relevant for on-the-go listeners. Spotify’s data showed that 81% of its podcast streams happen on weekdays, 25% during commute times, and 77% on mobile devices.

The results also backed the effectiveness of podcast advertising. Spotify said 81% of Spotify’s listeners taking action — such as researching a product online, connecting with a brand’s social profiles, or talking about the brand with others — after hearing an ad in a show.

Spotify shared a few case studies of brands and shows it has helped to match with successful host-read advertisements. Those include its branded podcast project Ebb & Flow with New Amsterdam Vodka, along with Sonos endorsements on the Dissect original Spotify show and a collaboration between Fest & Flauschig and eBay Kleinanzeigen.

Anna Washenko