Google Assistant now offers train info from New York’s MTA

The capabilities of voice assistants have been expanding at a rapid rate as developers continue to work with new partners and test the limits of what information the AI can provide. The latest news development is beginning at a small scale, but points to a much broader use case in the future.

Google Assistant has rolled out an integration with the MTA, New York City’s mass transit system. With this deal, the Google AI can tell travellers when their next train is arriving and provide walking directions to a station. Users can ask for the next train at a station or can specify a particular line. This integration will be available through Google Assistant on Android phones, smart speakers, and smart displays.

For New Yorkers hoping this will lead to a marked improvement in their commutes, the information from Google Assistant will only be as accurate as the information from the MTA. It may not always be fully accurate, but the update could save you from longers wait in the sweltering subway stops this summer.

Anna Washenko