Spotify partners with Magic Leap, tests synced lyrics display

Spotify has been keeping a break-neck pace of announcements, partnerships, and new features. This week, the streaming service shared two updates: one in augmented reality and one in lyrics.

Spotify has teamed with Magic Leap, and its service is now available on Magic Leap World spatial computing platform. This tech company makes a headset for spatial computing, where an app can be virually placed into a room. Playlists can be put in different areas of a home. Spotify is the first service to partner with Magic Leap to provide background music for the headset users. Magic Leap collaborated with a tech YouTuber to demonstrate the service in action (it’s easier to see than explain).

The second Spotify development is a discovery that’s still in the works. The company is testing a synced lyrics feature that would show the words to a song as they are uttered in the track. Musixmatch is powering this feature, according to user screenshots. Spotify told TechCrunch that the synced lyrics are being trialed in a limited number of markets. Users from Canada, Indonesia, and Mexico have so far reported seeing the feature, although the U.S. does not appear to be one of the test regions.

Anna Washenko