Spotify House at SXSW will showcase performances and partnerships

Spotify logo new color canvasSpotify announced that it will revive the Spotify House at SXSW in Austin with the support of several business partners. The Chromecast Audio Porch will host live shows as well as demoing the latest Spotify integrations. The PlayStation Music Arcade will have several games for the console available to play, while showcasing the console’s Spotify feature. Television channel Syfy and rideshare company car2go are also sponsors of the streaming platform’s Spotify House plans. In addition, Spotify announced a personalized SXSW playlist generator featuring the performers who will have sets at the event.

Many streaming services tend to offer special features focused on major musical events like SXSW. The Austin conference in particular has emerged as a time for music companies to explore creative new deals and business relationships. For example, the partnership with SoulCycle that Spotify debuted at last year’s SXSW will be renewed this year.

Anna Washenko