Quick Hits: Radio and resiliance; SoulCycle and Spotify; music and messaging

Brief news items and worthy reads from around the web:

Radio more entrenched than ever in car?: That’s Bob Struble’s message — he’s the head of iBiquity, the developer and owner of HD Radio technology. It’s a review of HD Radio presence in cars, from Automotive News.

SoulCycle, SXSW, and Spotify: AdAge profiled one of the more unusual appearances at SXSW: fitness company SoulCycle. The company partnered with Spotify to increase the brand power and the musical excitement of its classes during the Austin mega-event.

MixRadio and the potential of messaging power: Billboard interviewed Mark Wheatley, head of music experiences at MixRadio, about the potential ties between music and messaging technologies. The radio app is now owned by Japanese mobile messaging company Line, and Wheatley said the corporation was “compelling” and “passionate” in its pitch to buy MixRadio. “Music is – in the real world, non-digital, non-virtual environment – the most social experience possibly out there,” he said, and expressed optimism that Line’s expertise in online social experience would help them bridge that gap.

Brad Hill