Spotify and Apple Music each make moves to grow subscriber bases

Multiple music and audio platforms are making aggressive starts to 2018. Spotify and Apple Music have recently shared plans to expand their user bases. Although the end goal of growth is similar for each of the platforms, their exact circumstances are quite distinct.

Spotify has unveiled a Valentine’s Day-inspired promotion, offering two whole months of its Premium service for free. The discount is only available to users who have not had a previous Premium trial. With Spotify’s move for a direct listing on the New York Stock Exchange expected to happen next month, this does seem like a final push to further bolster subscriber numbers.

Apple Music has been dominating the subscriber conversation lately after sources claimed its paying U.S. audience numbers 36 million. Now the tech company is working to broaden its listenership outside the United States. Apple Music is reportedly making its student memberships available in 82 new regions over the course of February. This program offers less-expensive access to the streaming service for students at degree-granting colleges or universities. Apple has long seemed more interested in building strong name-recognition rather than eking a profit, so this bigger footprint falls in line with its recent business strategy.

Anna Washenko