Sounder intros Audio Data Cloud, podcast transcription + AI

Podcast host and tech company Sounder is introducing Audio Data Cloud, a podcast transcription and AI product which intends to increase discovery, engagement, and revenue.


“A podcast is much more than just an audio file.” –Sounder


Audio-to-text transcriptions are at the heart of the new service, with a layer of intelligent analysis. It is an indexing-plus-analysis play which intends to surface marketable insights about a show’s content, topics, products, and people. Putting those insights into play promises to raise the show’s marketing intelligence and increase audience reach. The language around this new tool refers to “Audio SEO.”

“The Audio Data Cloud adds the data layer to your audio content strategy that has been historically missing in the industry,” Sounder asserts. “It offers publishers and platforms the chance to make their content more accessible, engaging, and monetizable. We use our AI-powered speech-to-text technology to transform audio content to relevant insights, bringing the audio ecosystem up to speed with where we think text and video are today.”

A detailed run-down of the how & why of the Audio Data Cloud is on the Sounder blog.

Brad Hill