SoundCloud boosts discovery tools with Suggested Tracks

soundcloud discoverSoundCloud has announced a new discovery feature called Suggested Tracks. This tool makes personalized recommendations based on your past listening activity, including likes and plays. It relies on an algorithm to refresh the recommendations “frequently,” although the company didn’t offer a specific timetable for when new tracks will appear.

Suggested Tracks appears in the service’s Discovery tab, and is available across all platforms. In addition to today’s announcement, SoundCloud’s blog post teased that it will introduce more ways to find new music in the coming weeks.

Discovery has been a trending concept for streaming services lately. Even though there have been critiques that algorithms can’t deliver strong recommendations, or even that they make you ‘boring,’ more and more streaming services are amping up their tools for discovery. Spotify’s Discover Weekly feature has proven to be a smash hit for many users.

Anna Washenko