Sonos launches spatial audio Era 300 speaker

Hifi home speaker company Sonos has launched its first speaker using Apple’s spatial audio, a Dolby Atmos technology which promises to create a surrounding effect for the listener. Spatial audio was introduced to the listening market in 2021 (RAIN coverage HERE).

The new Sonos speaker is called Era 300. Marketing the device is problematic because it is challenging to convey the experience without the speaker itself doing the marketing, a conundrum explored in a Digiday article. (H/T Michael Robertson) Sonos spent over $16-million in marketing its products last year, Digiday reports, and “because it’s impossible for people to know what spatial audio sounds like without hearing it, the new marketing campaign aims to convey the concept in a visual way.”

We searched YouTube to find what that visual representation looked like. See below:

Brad Hill