Rumor Fact(ory): Amazon building a live audio app to compete with … everyone else

Today The Verge is a hub for rumors that Amazon is building what might be called another Clubhouse competitor. From what we (don’t exactly) know, it sounds like it might also compete with Spotify’s Greenroom, Spotify Shows, Twitter Spaces, Facebook Audio Rooms, and others.

The new product will reportedly be called Project Mic, and will allow use of music tracks from the Amazon Music catalog, similar to Spotify Shows. The Spotify venture enabled music podcasts in which Spotify paid the royalty bill, just as it does when its catalog tracks are streamed in playlists. Using unlicensed music tracks in open-distribution podcasts is illegal, a stabbing cramp in the industry.

Amazon’s Project Mic will reportedly distinguish from Spotify Shows by enabling live casting within Amazon Music. That’s quite interesting, and would angle the product in the direction of internet radio.

Unsurprisingly, Amazon is reportedly planning to recruit celebrity participants in Project Mic.

Brad Hill