RAIN Notes: Wednesday, October 27

Jottings of note:



Evergreen Podcasts has assembled a bespoke collection of True Crime podcasts called Killer Podcasts. The collection is staged at a dedicated Killer Podcasts website, HERE


Read-along Audio

SXM Media offers an interesting promotion for would-be audio advertisers — it’s a combination audio piece (which illustrates how a brand can change its audio messaging to match common listener activities during several day parts) with a “read-along ebook” (it’s short) which fills in the audio with information and metrics. The whole thing is called “A Day in the Life.” VISIT

Cold Case

Imperative Entertainment has partnered with Cumulus Media and Vespucci for the new crime podcast series called Bonaparte. It is one woman’s resolve to solve the mysterious death of a childhood friend 25 years in the past. A 10-part series, hosted by Jason Stavers. TRAILER and EP 1


— Wednesday, October 27

Brad Hill