Research finds Pandora listening may not replace broadcast radio time

Pandora cube canvas 160wNuVoodoo Media Services released new research that found Pandora and broadcast radio may have a more symbiotic relationship than expected. The survey of 1,100 in the PPM markets revealed that 62 percent of the Pandora users listened to the online radio service for at least half an hour per day, and 56 percent of Pandora users spent that much time listening to broadcast radio.

Notably, there was no drop in broadcast radio percentages among the listeners who had used Pandora for a longer time, even though veteran users were more likely to listen to the online service for at least 30 minutes. For instance, among those who had used Pandora for one year or less, 75 percent listened to it for at least half an hour daily, whereas the proportion was 79 percent among those who’d used Pandora for between one and two years. Yet 62 percent of both groups still spent at least half an hour with broadcast radio.

A spokesperson for NuVoodoo, a research and marketing company, told Radio World that it conducted the research “as a service and benefit” to its radio clients, but that the study was not commissioned by them, or anyone. The resuults might signal that the relationships some listeners have with online and broadcast radio platforms are more complicated than either/or choices.

Anna Washenko

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  1. I wonder, does the survey’s definition of ‘broadcast radio’ includes non-music formats?

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