UK radio listening: High reach across several platforms (RAJAR Q2)

In the Q2 RAJAR report of radio engagement in the UK, we learn that 88% of the population tunes in to radio at least weekly. This compares to a 92% of weekly American engagement with radio (per Nielsen).

Other key points in this quarterly reckoning:

  • On average,  listeners tune into 20.5 hours of live radio per week.
  • Seventy-four percent of the population tunes into digital radio every week. Digital radio in the UK is far more popular and accessible than in the U.S., where HD never gained much altitude. In RAJAR’s work, “digital” for radio encompasses several platforms: DAB, DTV, online listening, and smart speakers.
  • As a time-spent metric, 60% of all radio listening hours are consumed digitally.
  • Thirty-one percent of 15+ adults listen to live radio via smartphone or tablet.
  • Smart speakers are used by 63% of owners for radio.
  • At-home listening claims 62% of radio share; 25% is in the car.

RAJAR (Radio Joint Audience Research Limited) was established in 1992 to operate a single audience measurement system for the radio industry in the United Kingdom. RAJAR is jointly owned by the BBC and RadioCentre.

Brad Hill