RAJAR Q1: Radio has 88% reach; digital tuning at 74% (where DAB still prevails)

In the RAJAR (Radio Joint Audience Research) report for Q1, we see that 88% of the UK audience tunes into radio stations at least weekly. And the average listener consumes 20.4 hours of live radio per week.

RAJAR is jointly owned by the BBC and Radiocentre, on behalf of the commercial sector.

Digital radio is a more substantial listening segment in the UK than in the U.S.. Seventy-four percent of UK residents listen via digitally enabled platforms, which include DAB. digital TV, online apps, and smart speakers. Those usages make up 67% of weekly listening. (DAB owns 40% share of listening, while online connections account for 24%.

A detail about smart speakers: 64% of owners use their speaker to listen to radio sometimes, and 33% of smart speaker owners use their speakers for radio every day.

Download the full PDF HERE.

Brad Hill