RAIN Notes: Tuesday, October 31

Jottings of note:


How many?

What is the optimal number of ads in an audio ad break? That’s what Ad Results Media (ARM) wondered, and the company recently completed a 14 month study of how podcast ads perform based on the number of ads in a commercial break. The analysis looked at over $80 million in ad spend and compared performance among different buckets of ad counts in a commercial break. The short takeaway: Two per break in podcasting gets better results than three or four spots. Five ads? Don’t do it. See the complete results HERE.


Dare You

Podcast review site Podbam has listed “10 Spooky Podcasts for Halloween.” “Listen if you dare,” the website taunts. Let’s Make A Horror is #1, but the team which produced the Webby award-winning Let’s Make a Sci-Fi. There’s also an episode of NPR’s Snap Judgment. Go https://podbam.com/spooky-podcasts/HERE to browse.




October 31, 2023

Brad Hill