RAIN Notes: Wednesday, September 22

Jottings of note:


New Phase

Korri Kolesa, former COO of ART19 (and before that Stitcher exec) and frequent RAIN Summit speaker, has been appointed Chief Revenue Officer of audio analytics platform Veritonic. ART19 was acquired by Amazon Music in June.



SiriusXM has launched a new podcast subscription channel with Marvel on Apple. It includes a documentary on Marvel, the “Wastelanders” franchise, and a good deal more. The package is available in 170 countries. DETAILS


What’s it Worth?

The Podcast Editor Academy is running its Podcast Editor Industry Survey 2021. How much would you charge to edit and assemble a 60-minute rough cut? IN addition to that key query, the form gather a raft of demographic and professional information. HERE it is.


— Wednesday, September 22

Brad Hill