RAIN Notes: Thursday, September 21

Jottings of note:


New and Returning

Radiotopia is publicizing its fall podcast lineup, which contains new and returning shows. The returns include Radio Diaries, Everything Is Alive, Normal Gossip, Mumbai Crime, Adult ISH, Benjamen Walker’s Theory of Everything, and Ear Hustle. Newbies include The Animals, a spinoff of the popular object-interview podcast Everything Is Alive, and The Unmarked Graveyard, telling stories of Hart Island which is America’s largest public cemetery. READ


‘Tis (Almost) The Season

TPX (The Podcast Exchange) looks toward the holiday advertising season with Five Reasons Podcasts Are A Perfect Fit For Holiday Campaigns by VP and Co-Founder Jeff Ulster. While slanted to the company’s native Canadian market, the rationale applies to the broader North American audience. Ulster notes that the Hollywood strike implies a holiday season in which mass audiences are not “glued to their screens to get their video fix.” As a result, audiences are “increasingly turning to podcasts as their new mass medium of choice.” The piece is supported by research from MARU/Matchbox, Sounds Profitable, and Nielsen. READ


Driving Forward

Studio Resonate, a creative department in SXM Media, is presenting a webinar directed to car companies: Sounds Electric: Sonic Solutions for Automotive Brands in 2023. “The industry is undergoing a major transformation,” says Steve Keller, director of the studio, “and the race for innovation is on.” Tanvi Phadke, Associate Creative Director, will co-present. It’s free. REGISTER. https://bit.ly/3riOnLo


September 21, 2023

Brad Hill