NPR re-ups with Veritonic, and expands across podcasts and broadcast

Veritonic announces that high-profile client NPR has renewed its relationship with the company, and expanded its use of Veritonic’s solutions. Specifically, NPR is now assessing brand advertising effectiveness across its podcasting and broadcast empires.

For Veritonic, the continued engagement highlights its Brand Lift solution, which measures the recall and sentiment listeners have for audio ads. Advertising verticals mentioned in this announcement include Finance, Adult Beverages, B2B, and Technology.

Veritonic’s specialty is the study of brand lift, and gaining insights in how audio assets impact brand perception, measured by a range of consumer impacts such as emotional resonance, awareness, favorability, intent, and recall. The goal is to validate audio advertising investments, lower uncertainty and risk, and enhance campaign performance.

“We take great pride in our ongoing partnership with NPR, supporting their clients and advertising partners with invaluable data,” said Scott Simonelli, CEO of Veritonic. “Through the utilization of our attribution solution and brand lift studies, NPR sponsors gain the ability to assess audio performance in a manner tailored to their unique needs. This empowers them with the essential data required to fine-tune their strategies, thereby ensuring a robust return on their investment in audio.”

“We are thrilled to be expanding our use of Veritonic’s brand lift studies across podcasts and broadcast,” said Gina Garrubbo, President and CEO of National Public Media, NPR’s sponsorship subsidiary. “Data is power, and the actionable, full-funnel insights that Veritonic’s attribution and brand lift studies allow us to provide NPR sponsors enable them to leverage audio to achieve the highest competitive edge, reach, and ROI possible.”

Brad Hill