RAIN Notes: Wednesday, September 8

Jottings of note:



Something different from Edison Research — the “Latino Podcast (non)Listener Report 2021: Who Are the Non-Listeners?” focuses on U.S. Latinos who don’t listen to podcasts, why they aren’t listening, what other audio they consume, and where they can be reached. It’s Thursday, September 16 at 2pmEDT/6pmGMT. Register HERE


Transformational Fix

“The Repair” is a new podcast series exploring the global climate crisis and the need for economic and cultural transformation. It’s from PRX, hosted by John Biewen and is co-hosted by Amy Westervelt of the Critical Frequency podcast network. The show has international scope and examines the cultural roots of the ecological emergency. Drops Sep. 15. TRAILER


The Point

The UK’s Fresh Air Production founder Neil Cowling announced the addition of Richard Blake as Director of Marketing and Growth. “There’s no point in launching a podcast without a strategy for promoting it,” Cowling points out. READ


— Wednesday, September 8

Brad Hill