RAIN Notes: Wednesday, August 2

Jottings of note:


Audience Intel

“Know Your Audience” — that’s the theme of the latest column by Jeff Vidler, Founder and President of research company Signal Hill Insights. Targeted to podcast creators, the piece details four ways to gain audience intelligence, mostly for free. He is careful to point out that audience research does not replace independent third-party knowledge of demographics. Jeff will hold forth on this subject as a panel participant at Podcast Movement later this month. READ



The Quill Podcast Agency specializes in partnering with companies to create branded podcasts, and has worked with PSC, McKinsey & Co., and others. It is natural, then, for Quill to produce an informational and how-to whitepaper called Audio Amplified: Harnessing the Power of Branded Podcasts. This hefty piece of work is an advertisement for Quill service, naturally, and at the same time is a solid, hefty, deeply explanatory document with plenty of research behind it. Seven sections cover the advantages, measurement,, and analytics of the genre, along with samples of success stories and links to additional information. It’s a solid primer for any company eyeing the space. DOWNLOAD


New Phase

Pat Paxton, who enjoyed a long stint as Chief Programming Officer / Product & Content at Audacy, has announced his new position as Senior Vice President of Content, Saga Communications. Pat works in Boston. Saga owns or operates broadcast properties in 26 markets, with over 100 stations.


August 2, 2023

Brad Hill