RAIN Notes: Monday July 26

Jottings of note:


Toss the TOS

James Cridland offers a scathing and revelatory analysis of the TOS in Fireside, a podcast host. It’s from an ongoing feature, “Some unusual clauses from podcast host terms and conditions.” We’ve never opened a testing account in Fireside, but Cridland’s TOS excerpts and his explanations are unsettling on the face of it. READ


I Want My…

Today is the 40th birthday of MTV. To commemorate, Bob Pittman’s “Math & Magic: Stories From The Frontier of Marketing” podcast compiles a retrospective of interviews with members of the original MTV team. LISTEN and PICS


Quick and Dirty History

The “Unknown History” podcast, hosted by Giles Minton, has dropped episode 1 of its fourth season, a 13-show series adapted from Minton’s book “Checkmate in Berlin.” It’s part of the Quick and Dirty Tips network founded by Mignon Fogarty, owned and operated by Macmillan where Kathy Doyle runs the podcast operation. AUDIO + TRANSCRIPT (Disturbing content).

— Monday, July 26

Brad Hill