RAIN Notes: Tuesday, July 25

Jottings of note:


Adult Oversight

As previously noted, Edison Research will present its new Kids Podcast Listener Report on Thursday of this week (July 7). The research was, in Edison’s words, “administered by parents,” and we wondered what that meant exactly. Edison kindly gave us this explanation: “Because there are legal/ethical implications around research involving children, we wanted to make it abundantly clear that parents were involved in every element of the research. The survey was an online questionnaire that the parents were directed to help the child complete, using the child’s answers.” REGISTER



Research firm Signal Hill Insights has hired Grace Carrick as Head of Business Development. She has held executive rolls with Midroll Media (now SXM Media), DGital Media (now Cadence13), and a 16-year run as VP Sales at Westwood One. At Signal Hill she rejoins Midroll colleague Paul Riismandel, Chief Insights Officer. “I’m fired up to get the band back together,” he says. READ




In the Hollywood and Levine podcast, host Ken Levine interviews Dave Beasing (CEO, Sound That BRANDS), and the conversation touches on host-read ads. The conversation throws back to legendary WABC announcer Dan Ingram, who famously (or notoriously) performed outrageous riffs on ad copy. “He would make fun of the sponsors! And his commercials were the most entertaining part of the show.” LISTEN


July 25, 2023

Brad Hill