Analysis of programmatic podcast ads: Gender split, length, and other attributes

“What do programmatic audio ads sound like? That’s the question posed by a partnership of audio intelligence company Veritonic and podcast network Acast, resulting in a graphic fact sheet. (Get it HERE.)

Nothing is startling in this interesting research. We learn:

  • 80% of programmatic podcast ads are at least 30 seconds long.
  • 86% feature a single voiceover; 10% have two voices.
  • Gender of the voiceovers? A near-even split with50% female, 47% male, and three percent both.

Nearly all of the programmatic ads in this study (92%) contained a branding element, which Veritonic told us could include an audio logo and/or a tagline. We were also told that calls to action (CTAs) were common, with 88% at the end of the produced ad — “visit,” “click,” and “call” were the most common types.

Promo codes — so common in host-read promotions — were nonexistent in this study.

What about performance? “These ads performed 3% above the average Veritonic benchmark intent score for a podcast ad,” the company remarked.

The study included ads in the Financial, Auto, Adult Beverage, and Insurance verticals.

Brad Hill