RAIN Notes: Wednesday, June 23

Jottings of note:



The “Smartless” celebrity-chat podcast is reported to be in the market for network acquisition or exclusive licensing. A $20M price tag is floating around, but that is rumor. It is one of the very few interview podcasts listed in the Comedy category which tries to be comedic (and succeeds). READ


No Party Favors

The Wondery listening app is celebrating its first “appiversary.” To celebrate, it’s giving away … well, nothing. Just a brag and a pitch to download the app for network exclusives like American Scandal and Dr. Death Season 2.¬†HERE.


Missing the Mark

Rusty Hodge of SomaFM Radio observed that Apple Music and iTunes are randomly playing BBC 2 when independent streaming radio stations are selected — SomaFM, Radio Paradise, and others. “Did you pay sufficient tribute?” somebody asks. TWITTER¬†

— Wednesday, June 23

Brad Hill