RAIN Notes: Thursday, June 15

Jottings of note:

Deep Analysis

In his latest column, Magnificent Noise Co-founder Eric Nuzum dives deep into five years of Podtrac rankers to analyze the performance of public radio podcasts. Insights ensue about the relative values of audience size and download volume, with illustrative charts. Interestingly, public radio metrics differ from non-public publishers. READ



In its latest Deepdive, Sounds Profitable’s Bryan Barletta interviews Rockie Thomas, Chief Revenue Officer of audio technology company Soundstack. Bryan invites Rockie to “flip the script,” and discuss her “podcast to broadcast” ideas: “Having an easy way to accommodate both linear and non-linear listeners makes sense.” Watch or listen HERE.



Is it AI?

Paul McCartney has used AI (sort of) to create what he calls “the last Beatles song,” according to Shelly Palmer in his newsletter Think About This. The supposed AI is actually stem separation, which is a known technology in fairly long use. Palmer calls this “narrow-focused AI.” READ


— Thursday, June 15


Brad Hill