Cloned “AI Ashley” debuts on Live95.5, replacing non-AI Ashley in midday. Twitter revolts.

In what might be the first realization of synthesized DJs in actual broadcast shifts, “AI Ashley” — a voice-cloned version of Live95.5 midday host Ashley — works her (its? their?) first realtime shift.

Live95.5 is an iHeartMedia outlet. Ashley promoted the breakthrough on Twitter with a demonstration video of AI Ashley making a phone call to a contest winner. “I guess I have the day off,” Ashley wryly observed.

The voice approximation is as good as we have come to expect from rapidly advancing voice-cloning technology. More impressive to us is the apparent intelligence built into the model, enabling it to make a phone call, banter, answer questions, and deliver the contest news. (Assuming for now the video was not cobbled together with overdubs.)

Below, a video documenting the experiment. Click the bottom-right video.


Brad Hill

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  1. This is an Alpha Media Station, not iHeart Media (Alpha just streams on the IHM platform).

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