RAIN Notes: Tuesday, May 23

Jottings of note:


Mark Stenberg pens an article in ADWEEK about the Just-announced NYT Audio listening app. (RAIN coverage HERE.) He calls the venture “an ambitious product whose fate could influence the future of audio journalism.” Bryan Barletta (founding partner of Sounds Profitable) is quote-featured: “This gets at a core question in audio: Should we treat podcasting like streaming, where each source has its own app, or like a browser, where people prefer a specific portal?” Lots of quotes from NYT execs, too. READ

Top 100

Triton Digital’s U.S. Podcast Report is out. The company switched to monthly reporting (from quarterly) and released a new format which allows sorting the top podcasts and ad networks by average downloads, or average users. We don’t see any new entries in the top-100 list, but it’s possible Triton has discontinued the “DEBUT” indicator used in past reports. It is HERE.


— Tuesday, May 23


Brad Hill