RAIN Notes: Monday, March 21

Jottings of note:


Smart Annoyances

An amusing (and possibly cathartic) Washington Post article documents failures by, and frustrations with, smart speakers. Titled “Needy, overconfident voice assistants are wearing on their owners’ last nerves,” the piece characterizes Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri as difficult family members who can’t get much right. READ


Easy Intimacy

“Podcasting helps your brand stay relevant to its consumers.” So concludes an Entrepreneur article which evangelizes podcasting to young businesses as “one of the most intimate forms of storytelling available for brands.” READ


Kid Kaboom

Podcasts for children is a fast-growing category, according to a Hollywood Reporter artice: “The Booming Business of Kids’ Podcasting.” The conclusion is that while podcasts for children boomed during Covid, the trend is outlasting pandemic status. Citing the 2021 Spoken Word Audio Report (Edison Research and Triton Digital), the category has grown 20 percent since 2019. READ


— Monday, March 21

Brad Hill