RAIN Hotspots: May 18-24

The five most-read articles in RAIN. Thanks for reading!

  1. apple podcasts logo canvasApple updated its podcast app, and gave it voice control with Siri. We tested the new app and had a frustrating conversation with the virtual companion. Other users reported a better experience.
  2. A new study provides a fascinating anlaysis of market drivers in streaming music, and also predicts that market leader Pandora could face challenges.
  3. canada leaf canvasCanada set its statutory royalty rates for non-interactive streaming services (e.g. Pandora, iTunes Radio), clearly favoring webcasters by assigning low rates.
  4. Spotify announced milestones: 10-million paying subscribers and 40-million active users.
  5. Guest columnist James Cridland describes how Absolute Radio delivers customized music to several different web streams during a syndicated morning show.

Brad Hill