RAIN Hotspots: Dec. 9 – Dec. 13

The five most-read articles this week:

RAIN Hotspots 01Pandora VP on “replacing” radio, and how it is winning local: Dominic Paschel spoke to investors at a JP Morgan event. “Replacing” radio is typical Pandora rhetoric. The interesting part was Paschel’s explanation of how Pandora is spearheading into local ad sales.

Spotify unlocks mobile, expands internationally, adds Led Zeppelin: This weeks’ big media event was Spotify’s triple announcement.

The state of HD Radio: A conversation with Bob Struble: We spoke with the CEO of iBiquity, developer of HD Radio about the future of digital broadcast in the U.S. This piece drew many comments — see them below the article.

YouTube, sleeping giant, is winning the music-streaming race, including Led Zeppelin: A look at eMarketer’s study of YouTube financials, and an survey of Led Zeppelin content, which is not as “exclusive” on Spotify as you might think.

TuneIn’s 2013 year-end review: Good listening from the radio and podcast aggregator. But set aside some time!

Brad Hill