TuneIn’s 2013 year-end review

tunein 2013TuneIn, a leading stream aggregation platform, is promoting a 2013 wrap-up of popular and influential programs. (See it here.) The compilation comes from “year-end listener data that offers insights into some of this year’s top live events and cultural trends that people followed through our over 100,000 live, international radio stations.” The audio collection is packaged in the web app, and its programs can be listed in the mobile app by searching “2013.”

It’s interesting to browse, but you’d need to set aside many hours to plumb the depths of this programming array. The shows are divided into 12 topical categories that include obvious sections like Top News Stories and Sports Talk, but also Epilogues (reports of public figures who died this year) and Offbeat Stories.

The feature is not presented as a playlist, even within a category, so you can’t sit back and let it rip. No skip button, either, which is inconvenient in the mobile view.

By the content is excellent, the selections largely crowdsourced from TuneIn’s usage metrics, and the programming representing a mix of broadcast and podcast.

Brad Hill