Radioplayer Italia app to launch next year

Radioplayer is making a move into Italy. The platform plans to launch the Radioplayer Italia app in early 2020. The update is the result of an agreement between Radioplayer and the Player Editori Radio, a collection of Italian public, commercial, and local radio broadcasters collaborating on improving their digital presence. The parties signed an agreement last week for the launch of a Radioplayer Italia app, which is expected to reach 44 million Italian listeners. After launch, the participating Italian stations will also be included in the international Radioplayer data feed.

“We welcome this new partnership,” said Michael Hill, Radioplayer’s managing director. “Italy is a major car manufacturing center, and one of the top automotive markets in Europe. We are determined to keep radio strong in the car, and we’ll do it by working closely with broadcasters and car companies.”

Anna Washenko