Radionomy launches new version of its RadioManager software for producers

radionomy radiomanager

Radionomy announced a new version of RadioManager, its software for producers who manage Internet stations on the Radionomy platform.

New features of the upgrade include greater control of commercial placement and workflow automation for payment to producers. Importantly related to income, the new workstation opens monetization of audiences in Spain and Germany. Radionomy completed a business combination (basically a merger) with ad network TargetSpot last December, increasing revenue opportunities for Radionomy and ShoutCast producers. Radionomy acquired the ShoutCast platform in January.

CEO Alexandre Saboundjian noted, “The new RadioManager is just the first of several products we will launch over the next 12 months. We will pay particular attention to the mobile audience.”

Brad Hill


  1. Sadly this software upgrade that has been forced on the radionomy station producers has proven to be so full of bugs that many are unable to run or schedule their stations properly anymore. The support forum is filled with complaints and requests to ditch the bug-ridden new radio manager, and return to the better functioning old one. This is not a clamour against the new – the users would have loved a new radio manager if only it worked passably.

  2. Quiero descargar el reproductor de radio nomy y no puedo, siempre el dominio me sale bloqueado. Me gustaria si es posible arreglar ese problema.

  3. Quiero descargar el Reproductor de nomía de radio y no puedo, siempre el Dominio mí venta BLOQUEADO. Me gustaria si es Posible Arreglar ESE Problema.

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