1+1=3 in new Soundstack analysis of radio and podcast listeners

SaaS company SoundStack, which promotes “Full-Circle Audio” solutions for all kinds of audio delivery across analog and digital, has released an infographic which highlights the complementary attributes of broadcast radio on one hand, and podcasting on the other. The purpose is to promote a 1+1=3 framework for advertising across both categories.

Radio has the greater reach, while podcasting (“One of the youngest channels”) is powered by fast growth. “When it comes to touching listeners, no other channel can touch broadcast radio,” the report observes, noting radio’s 91% reach of adult listeners. Podcasting is “smaller, but growing like mad” and reaches over a third of U.S. adults.

Also, “Podcast listeners are audio fanatics” — spending 38% more time with audio than the average American. Radio listeners are lean-back; podcast listeners are lean-in. Radio’s audience is older; podcasting is “a milieu for Millennials.”

When it comes to advertising:

Throughout its many comparisons, the report relies on data from WestoodOne, Nielsen Audio, Edison Research, Cumulus Media, McKinsey & Company, Ad Results Media, Sounds Profitable, Forbes, Pew Research Center, and SoundStack internal data. (Special callouts mention Pierre Bouvard and Steve Goldstein.)

The download is free, HERE.


Brad Hill