Radio giant Entercom rebrands as Audacy; renames RADIO.COM; new look and feel throughout

Entercom, the second largest radio holding company in the U.S., a major podcast producer and audio streamer, has rebranded the entire organization as Audacy. Podcast subsidiaries Cadence13 and Pineapple Street Studios remain unchanged as public-facing brands. It certainly makes sense to preserve their currency with ad agencies.

CEO David Field is quoted in Variety saying, “The name Entercom no longer fit. We’ve outgrown it.

The name is a clever choice, resonent of “Odyssey” as  it bundles “audio into the name. Audio producers will note the similarity to Audacity, a freeware audio workstation.

Switchover is immediate. The website continues to resolve at that URL, but contains this display:

Meanwhile the URL presents a different, highly branded look and feel, with a lot of “Welcome to Audacy” messaging:

The linkage goes to the above page also. That is significant inasmuch as the company’s streaming platform now is visually indistinguishable from the company’s main doorway on the web. Likewise, searching for the RADIO.COM app in Google Play (the Android app repository) brings up Audacy, the renamed app. Below is a montage of images from the newly designed Audacy app:

Finally, the company’s corporate site lives at


Brad Hill