Pod Drop: Rock and Roll, Drugs and Baseball, Health and Happiness

New podcasts of note:

The Rock Podcast with Denny Somach / (PodcastOne) / Music Commentary / Weekly / Website / Apple

A fast-moving show about rock stars, in what could be described as an interview montage style. Quick recorded quotes flash across the sonic space, along with longer conversations. John Bonham and The Doors are the focal points of the first two episodes. Host Denny Somach has a deep rolodex of interview subjects, and tons of archived material.

Crushed / (Religion of Sports & PRX) / Sports / Weekly / Website / Apple

Launching on MLB opening day, April 1, Crushed seems to act as a reminder of an ignoble period in baseball, commonly known as the “steroid era.” Host Joan Niesen examines Mark McGwire pursuit of a new home run record while using muscle-building drugs. The podcast seeks to untangle truth and rumor.

No Kidding? Me Too! / (KMG Utopia Studios) / Health & Fitness / Weekly / Website / Apple

Hosted by actor Joe Pantoliano and his daughter Daniella, this show strives to remove the stigma and shame attached to mental illness through candid conversations with well known individual in the entertainment and mental health realms. They encourage listener contact. Bonnie Hunt and WaylonPayne are guests in the first two episodes.

Brad Hill