Radio Disney programming joins HD radio thanks to iBiquity deal

Radio Disney canvasRadio Disney has entered a partnership with iBiquity Digital to have its programming appear on up to 60 of its high-definition digital stations through the HD Radio Ad Network. It is one of the first national stations to sign on to the high-def AM/FM digital channels. Billboard reported that iBiquity’s pitch to Radio Disney focused on the audience of “kids in cars with moms” as the HD radio receivers appear in more new car makes.

Disney shuttered 23 of its 24 terrestrial radio stations in August and announced plans for a shift into the digital realm. Instead, it refocused efforts on online streaming platforms and its mobile app. This new iBiquity deal could be a continuation of that digital game plan while reconnecting to its old place on the FM dial. Radio Disney also had another recent foray into autos, partnering with Ford to appear on its SYNC digital dashboard.

Anna Washenko