Quick Hits: Vevo’s new acquisition; Zane Lowe chats radio; podcasts as company newsletter?

Brief news items and worthy reads from around the web:

Vevo acquires Showyou: Vevo has been working hard to stay relevant as YouTube, one of the main channels for viewers to experience its content, has explored new business models. Now, the company seems to be positioning itself as more of a rival for its one-time symbiotic partner in music videos. It has acquired subscription-based video streaming service Showyou. Seven of the company’s 10 employees will also join the Vevo team. The purchase could bolster Vevo’s fledgling efforts in original content, broadening its offerings to more than music videos.

Zane Lowe interview: Beats 1 frontman Zane Lowe took some time out from his packed broadcasting schedule to give an interview to The Fader. He talked about modern definitions of radio and the many changes happening for the medium. “For me, what’s really important is that we drive the right new music stories and messages mixed in with the right artist shows so that people realize how exciting music is,” Lowe said.

Is podcasting replacing the company newsletter? Podcasting is in the midst of a big surge in popularity, with creators and listeners alike seeking new approaches to content. One path some businesses have taken is to consider podcasts as a replacement for the traditionally emailed company newsletter. EContent reviewed the pros and cons of this podcast use for corporate environments.


Brad Hill