Vevo introduces original programming to complement music videos

Vevo canvasVevo has had an interesting summer, from looking for a buyer to not looking for a buyer. Now the video hosting platform has expanded into original content. Vevo has three new shows that spread its reach beyond music videos, but all of them are still centered around the music industry and artists.

If the new shows can attract an audience, they are poised to pull in extra money for Vevo through advertising and sponsorships. For instance, Hypebot reported that Fuze is sponsoring one of the new programs. Creating original shows could also be a preliminary step to reduce Vevo’s dependence on YouTube, which will likely decimate a large chunk of its current revenue when the rumored Music Key subscription service launches.

The trick for Vevo will be establishing itself as an exciting standalone network. The music videos have created brand recognition, but those are still closely tied to YouTube. Vevo will need to entice viewers directly to its own site in order to solidify its presence and break out from the shadow of the industry leader.

Anna Washenko