Quick Hits: Streaming’s environmental impact. Peabody Awards and podcasts. A love letter to CDs.

Brief news items and worthy reads from around the web:

Streaming and environmental sustainability: New research out of the University of Glasgow and the University of Oslo assessed the environmental impact of streaming audio. While the move away from physical formats does mean less physical packaging and single-use plastic, the investigation found that the digital music may be increasing greenhouse gas emissions. “The point of this research is not to tell consumers that they should not listen to music, but to gain an appreciation of the changing costs involved in our music consumption behaviour,” said Dr. Matt Brennan of the University of Glasgow. “We hope the findings might encourage change toward more sustainable consumption choices and services that remunerate music creators while mitigating environmental impact.”

Peabody Award nominees include podcasts: The nominations for the Peabody Awards have been released. Once again, podcasts had a strong showing, with several popular shows recognized among the nominees. Bag Man, Caliphate, Ear Hustle, and The Daily were included, as were The Runaways episode of This American Life and season two of In The Dark. Read the full list of nominees here.

Why keep your CD collection: All the industry and trade body reports are showing streaming as the dominant source of music listening. But for those folks who still have a sentimental attachment to the physical formats, this essay by CNET’s Erin Carson about the value of a CD collection will likely strike a chord.


Anna Washenko