Quick Hits: Spotify IPO prep; another copyright hearing; Pandora nabs Yahoo exec

Brief news items and worthwhile reads from around the web:

Spotify reportedly preps for IPO: A report cites unnamed sources claiming that Spotify has been conducting practice sessions for earnings calls — the quarterly exercise of public companies. This report pours fuel on the burning speculation that Spotify is preparing an IPO. (Quartz)

House hearing on music copyrights tomorrow: The second of two hearings by the U.S. House Judiciary Subcommittee on Courts, Intellectual Property and the Internet is scheduled for Wednesday. See our coverage of the first hearing here. Labels, publishers, Internet radio, and terrestrial radio are all represented in tomorrow’s event. Watch RAIN for quick coverage during this Summer of Copyright. (Judiciary Committee site)

Pandora grabs revenue executive from Yahoo: Pandora announced the hiring of David Gerbitz as  Executive Vice President of Revenue Operation. Gerbitz comes from Yahoo, where he is/was Vice President, Global Mid Market and SMB [small business] Sales. (Pandora PR)

Brad Hill