Quick Hits: Spotify color fury; best podcasts; Apple’s odd advantage

Brief news items and worthy reads from around the web.

Apple Music’s big advantage: Is it the product? The licensing relationships? The mobile distribution power? According to CNBC columnist Joshua Katz, it’s something counter-intuitive: Apple doesn’t need to succeed.

The 10 best-ever podcasts: According to Pete Naughton of The Telegraph. Did he put serial in the list? He did, under the Reporting category — that predictable award notwithstanding (well, also Radiolab for Documentary), the list provides outstanding podcast discoveries, from an airline flight attendant who divulges her 30,000-foot adventures to John Oliver’s satirical news show The Bugle.

Spotify’s new branding color: It’s not qite green anymore. And it’s not quite green in a way that doesn’t quite please a group of vociferous users. In fact, they are infuriated. Billboard rounds up some of the best Twitter complaints of Spotify’s newly-hued logo.

Brad Hill