Quick Hits: Radio’s value gap; branded podcasts; Prince’s catalog

Brief news items and worthy reads from around the web:

Terrestrial radio and the value gap: Digital music strategist Matt Voyno wrote an article about the value gap, an industry hot topic these days. But instead of YouTube, the usual target, he addressed the same idea as applied to terrestrial radio. Several industry leaders spoke about why they thought radio should make payments to artists during a recent seminar.

Snapshots of branded podcasts: Branded podcasts are gaining momentum. As a result of the increased demand, several of podcasting’s heavy hitters are adding branded and native content divisions. We have yet another trend piece on the subject, this time from Fast Company, looking at a few noteworthy examples across the industry.

Prince’s catalog could go back for sale: Earlier this year, we tracked the saga of who would have rights to a large swath of Prince’s catalog. Universal Music Group was the eventual winner of a deal, but it seems that the book has not closed on this story. Variety took a deep dive into the language of the deal and found a possibility that UMG will put the assets back onto the auction block.


Anna Washenko