Quick Hits: PRX’s Podcast Garage, Sony Music Nashville, and Mixcloud

Brief news items and worthy reads from around the web:

PRX CEO talks Podcast Garage plans: Fast Company interviewed PRX CEO Kerri Hoffman about the Podcast Garage. The project offers resources for the audio community in Boston, such as studio space for veteran podcasters and education for new, curious talent. “There’s a tagline PRX used in the early days of the organization where we used to say that ‘PRX was making public radio more public,’” Hoffman said. “I actually think that podcasting is that low barrier.” After one year in action, PRX is now looking to recreate the concept in other cities.

Sony Nashville wants to lead in streaming: Randy Goodman, chairman and CEO for Sony Music Nashville, spoke to Billboard about the industry’s shift to streaming. “In our world, hope is not a strategy … we have to be more strategic than hopeful,” he said. “We can’t just be waiting around.” Goodman also weighed in on the growing role of smart speakers and the continued importance of terrestrial radio.

Pay the performers: Mixcloud Co-founder and Commercial Director Nikhil Shah penned a guest post for Music Business Worldwide about the company’s strategy for sustainable growth. His primary advice, many performers will be glad to hear, is paying artists. “It is important to invest the time in properly learning how music IP works,” he writes. “The more you understand the complexity, the better business decisions you will make. Paying artists is absolutely critical to the sustainability of every music platform and the culture as a whole.”

Anna Washenko