Quick Hits: A hi-rez review; iHeart offers Uber promo; a lesson in DRM

Brief news items and worthy reads from around the web:

Trying (and failing) to love hi-rez streaming: A review of hi-rez music streaming service Tidal (RAIN review here) in the Globe and Mail is a good read. Josh O’Kane, a vinyl collector, wanted to love it, but could hear enough quality difference to recommend. The upshot? Hi-rez streaming will remain niche.

iHeartRadio partners (briefly) with Uber: Following the announcement of Spotify’s long-term relationship and technology mash-up with Uber, iHeartRadio is engaged in a short-term co-promotion. This week, in New York City only, iHeart users will get notifications prompting them to order a Uber ride. If they do within the promo window, the ride is free, and customers get tickets to an iHeart concert event. [Slashgear]

Apple’s antitrust suit and today’s DRM: An article in Billboard reviewed the antitrust lawsuit currently being brought against Apple and the iPod. Author Glenn Peoples explained the role of digital rights management in that case versus how it works within the new wave of online streaming platforms. “Unlike the problems associated with DRM for CDs and downloads, consumers don’t object to this type of DRM, because they are paying for access, not ownership,” he said.

Brad Hill